If you don’t know about Filling Pieces already then get to know is it an Amsterdam-based footwear label, established in 2009 by designer Guillaume Philibert. Guillaume realised that there weren’t any premium high-quality sneakers out there for a reasonable price and got to work!

They are back yet again pushing design & innovation to the limit with there first 2017 fall/winter collection. “The collection was inspired by nomadic Mongolian tribes, paying homage to their “resourcefulness and ingenuity” as well as their “adaptability” as they traveled from place to place” titled “MOVE WITHOUT BARRIERS”.

Taking inspiration from the Mongolian mountains a majority of the apparel and footwear are fused with below and yellow hues and “White Stone” which references the icy terrain where the tribes roam throughout the various seasons.

I am personally a big fan of Filling Pieces and admire the effort and finish of their products. Take a look at the first drop images below and visit the  Filling Pieces’ official website and select retailers worldwide to get your hands on them.

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