1. Nike Air Max is one of the leading production of trainers where is has been designed for comfortablility and style. In 1987, this was when Nike reveled their first pair of Air Max, which featured the bubble of visible air in the heel of the trainer.


2. The marketers for Nike was shocked with the ‘inside out’ transparency inside the heel and was worried that the Air Max would not become a massive seller.

qdswzdpnpeq2ojddr5ue3. Now in todays world of trends, Nike Air Max has become fashion accessory with sneaker lovers owning pairs for each year Nike released their Air Max trainers.

tumblr_nfhz4xwNWq1siw9i4o1_12804. The first fact is that the “air” inside the cushion is actually 100 per cent nitrogen

5. From the first release date in 1987, Nike has produced and released different style and version of Air Max each year. Nike-Air-Max-DNA-Image-Grid-Large_hd_1600

6.. The Air Max 95 is said to be the most common footprint at UK crime scenes. Nike-Air-Max-95-Grape-11
7. US President Barack Obama has been known to sport a pair of Nike Air Max Elite II TB trainers when he steps out on to the tennis court. celebrity-feet-obama-air-max-elite-ii-tb-028. In 2006 rapper Eminem designed eight styles for the series. Just 64 pairs were produced and sold, with the profits going to his foundation for disadvantaged kids.lualyrpieuxznireoxqc9. The Marketing Side of Nike Didn’t Like the Idea of the Air Max 1 – then began the revolution.NikeHongKong_NikeAirMaxDayHongKongStepBackinTime2015060614092910. The First Air Max 1 Commercial is Considered to Have “Put Nike on the Map”

1987 Nike Air ‘Revolution’ TV Advert from The Daily Street on Vimeo.